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Class Information for Basic Cardiac Telemetry Course


This one-day course designed to provide an introduction to ECG interpretation for those that have little or no experience, as well as a great refresher for those that need to renew their skills for working in a telemetry monitoring environment. The course includes: A & P, basic electro-physiology, sinus mechanisms, atrial rhythms, junctional rhythms, ventricular rhythms, AV blocks, and pacemaker rhythms. Additionally, special emphasis will be placed on lead placement (bedside monitor and telemetry), central monitoring, and nursing documentation. Successful completion of this course will meet the required behavioral indicator (BI) required for Cardiac Monitoring Competency validation

Contact Hours


Special Comments

Course completion requires passing a posttest learning assessment

Target Audience

Registered nurses (RNs) who would like to learn, or review, basic ECG dysrhythmia identification in context to a telemetry monitoring environment. Nursing staff with Cardiac Monitoring Competency requirements.

Course Objectives

Describe the anatomy and physiology of the cardiac cycle. Discuss proper ECG electrode placement and lead monitoring Identify basic elements of the ECG Identify key problematic/lethal dysrhythmias. Explain documentation related to rhythm interpretation.


1. Review Chapters 1 – 6 (Dubin [2000] Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s, 6th ed.) 2. Basic Cardiac Telemetry Pre-test

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BCTC3 November 4, 2020 In-person Wed Nov 04, 20 08:00 AM
NIH Clinical Center:CRC 1-5672 (ETR)
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11/03/2020 08:38 AM
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