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Class Information for 5SE and SCSU

Session: August 16, 2024
Type: In-person
Class Size: 7
# Openings: 0
Class Session Date(s): 01/01/24 - 12/31/24
Registration Dates: 02/15/2024 08:36 AM - 12/31/2024 08:36 AM


Registration for this education day is limited to 5SE and SCSU staff ONLY! Participants should sign up for 1 day (session). Class will begin at 7am and end at 3:30, please be on time. Class will be held in 5D-38 conference room (next to DCRI)

Special Comments


Course Objectives

Yearly mandatory education day, objectives are individualized based on 2024 annual requirements


none, however be sure to reflect selected day on your schedule request

This session is full.