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Class Information for Lorazepam Lockbox Q & A Session

Session: January 18, 0630-0700
Type: Online
Class Size: 99
# Openings: 99
Class Session Date(s): Wednesday January 18, 2023
Registration Dates: 12/23/2022 09:59 AM - 12/31/2023 09:59 AM


This is a virtual session for unit educators and trainers for the Lorazepam Lockbox. We will review the Lockbox process for storage and retrieval. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions. This session is intended for all unit educators and trainers.

Special Comments

Sessions will be available from Tuesday 1/03/23 through Monday 1/09/23. A Teams meeting invite will be sent to participants prior to your meeting time.


Completion of the online ABSORB LMS module titled, Lorazepam Lockbox