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Class Information for Basic Immunology Course

Session: February 1 - March 7, 2022
Type: Online
Class Size: 99
# Openings: 94
Class Session Date(s): 02/01/22 - 03/07/22
Registration Dates: 11/10/2021 01:01 PM - 01/28/2022 01:01 PM
Coordinator: Mary E Myers


This four-hour, self-paced online course provides a broad overview of the immune system, and entails completing up to four learning modules. Participants take a detailed look into the components that come together to defend healthy organisms, including the various tissues, cells, proteins and chemicals of the immune system. Also explored are the causes, effects, prevention and treatment of various immunological diseases and disorders.

Contact Hours

Total Contact hours = 5 Contact hours will be awarded to those individuals who complete the entire course and complete and submit the evaluation forms. This activity has been submitted to Maryland Nurses Association for approval to award contact hours......... Maryland Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on AccreditationFor more information regarding contact hours, please call Melanine Mudd/Nurse Educator at (301) 827-4755. This activity has no commercial support or sponsorship. Planner, presenters and content reviewers disclose no conflict of interest relative to this educational activity.

Special Comments

In order to take this online course, participants will need scheduled time away from patient care activities. Participants need Supervisor approval, in advance of registration, to insure at least four education hours are scheduled for taking this course.

Target Audience

This course is designed for nurses interested in gaining a basic understanding or needing a refresher about the human immune system. This course is recommended for nurses preparing for other CCND courses such as the Introduction to Oncology and the ONS Online Fundamentals of Blood and Marrow Transplant.

Course Objectives

1.Discuss the main organs that comprise the human immune system-the thymus,the bone marrow and the cells it produces, the lymph system and the spleen. 2.Explain the role and importance of leukocytes. 3.Identify and discuss the two main functional divisions of the immune system-the innate system and the adaptive system. 4.Describe the innate immune system; its sentinels and warriors, including macrophages, neutrophils, NK cells and others. 5.Describe the purposes and function of the adaptive immune system.

Session Schedule

Date Times Location
Monday March 07, 2022 08:21 AM - 04:21 PM NIH Clinical Center:ONLINE