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Class Information for ACLS HeartCode for ICU/PVCS RNs

Session: December 17, 2021
Type: Online
Class Size: 10
# Openings: 6
Class Session Date(s): Friday December 17, 2021
Registration Dates: 11/03/2020 04:49 PM - 12/16/2021 05:49 PM
Coordinator: Cecelia Henry


This class is for CCND ICU/PVCS RNs. IF YOU DO NOT FIT THIS DESCRIPTION, PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ACLS-Instructor-led INSTEAD OF THIS CLASS. This is the online portion of the hybrid Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) renewal and initial certification for the health care provider. SESSION DATE IS A PLACEHOLDER ONLY: All class sessions are held on unit or in the location agreed upon by unit leadership and the participant. Learners complete the class material online and must also complete an in-person skills verification in a separate session via the Department of Perioperative Medicine (DPM). A link to register for the DPM skills verification session is in the special comments section of this class listing.

Contact Hours

4- renewal 8- initial

Special Comments

Participants must sign up for an in-person ACLS Skills Session via DPM to be completed within 30 days after this course. Sign up by clicking on or copying and pasting the link below in your web browser: https://dpm.nihcc.recsolutions.com/

Target Audience

Clinical Center Nursing Department Clinicians-ICU/PVCS RNs.

Course Objectives

Complete didactic portion of ACLS certification.