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Class Information for Neuro 1.0 In-person Hands on Skills/ Simulation


The Neuro 1.0 In-person Hands-On Skills/Simulation is part of the Neuro 1.0 Series. CRNs are required to complete the Online Didactic portion of this course (via Absorb) prior to attending the In-person Hands-On Skills/Simulation portion. NOTE: The location is Simulation Room 4-3551

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Special Comments

Reminder: You must complete the Neuro 1.0 Didactic Portion online via Absorb LMS at least 2 days prior to attending this course. The Course Coordinators will be looking to verify this. Please note, that failure to do so will result in withdrawal from this Hands-on Skills/Simulation session.

Target Audience

Clinical Center CRNs

Course Objectives

Hands-on Skills Session Objectives 1. Perform all six components of the Neurological Cognitive Decision Aid Assessment (NCDA) tool. 2. Conduct an accurate brief neurological exam and interpret appropriate assessment findings using the NCDA tool. Simulation Session Objective 1. Apply the concepts and skills learned in the NNES 1.0 Online Course and in-person skills session to a simulated clinical scenario.


Neuro 1.0 Didactic Course (via Absorb)

Sessions Open for Registration

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Neuro 1.0 2024 Nurse Residence Special Session Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024 (1345-1600) In-person Thu Feb 01, 24 01:45 PM
Bldg. 10 4th Floor Simulation Rm 4-3551 :NIH Clinical Center
Eugena Bergvall Registration Open until
12/31/2024 08:36 AM
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