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Class Information for Fundamentals of Clinical Research for the CRN


This educational program is designed for registered nurses who work as a Clinical Research Nurse (CRN) at the NIH Clinical Center. The program will serve as an introduction to the specialty practice of Clinical Research Nursing and provide the foundation on key concepts essential to the five dimensions of Clinical Research Nurse practice and their related competencies.

Contact Hours


Special Comments

The Fundamentals of Clinical Research for the Clinical Research Nurse is a 2-day course. Attendance for the duration of the course is required to receive credit for the course.

Target Audience

Clinical Center Nursing Department (CCND) nurses with at least 6 months of experience at the Clinical Center.

Course Objectives

1. Describe basic terminology and concepts in relation to clinical research. 2. Describe in general terms, two regulations applicable to conducting safe and ethically responsible clinical research. 3. Discuss the elements of the informed consent document and describe the process for obtaining and maintaining informed consent/assent. 4. Discuss ethical issues that may arise when caring for a research participant on a clinical research protocol. 5. Differentiate the following roles in relation to the research protocol and research participant: principle investigator, research nurse coordinator, data manager, etc. 6. Recognize essential elements of a clinical research protocol as it is related to the role of a Clinical Research Nurse (CRN) in the care of a research participant. 7. Discuss the roles and responsibilities (activities) commonly performed by CRN's within the Clinical Center Nursing Department.


RN's with at least 6 months of experience at NIH.

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CRN September 17th & 18th In-person 09/17/24 - 09/18/24
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