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Class Information for Pediatric Bridge to Practice


This two-day course: Care of the Acute/Critically Ill Child, provides ICU nurses and pediatric nurses with the fundamentals of Pediatric Acute/Critical Care. In this course the assessment of the critically ill child, growth & development, medication administration in an ICU and code setting, psychosocial management of the sick child & family, neurological assessment & management, respiratory adjuncts, electrolyte replacement, hematology & immunology, hypertension management and scenario/skill simulation are all addressed.

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Target Audience

Target Audience ICU nurses and all nurses caring for children within the NIH CC

Course Objectives

Course Objectives By the end of the course, learners will be able to: • 95% of learners will describe pediatric critical care assessment components as demonstrated in skills station • 95 % of the learners will recall pediatric growth and development stages & Identify care distraction methods through case presentations • 100 % discuss neurologic care of the critically ill child and return demonstrate the neurological exam • Analyze pediatric lab values through by answering questions in a case study at the conclusion of the lecture. • Describe psychosocial considerations in caring for the critically ill child through case studies • 100% Demonstrate pediatric emergency care with return demonstration of weight-based emergency meds during mock code


Pre-Requisites For ICU nurses: AACN Pediatric Essentials in Critical Care Nursing modules For all other nurses: none

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