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Class Information for ICU Skills Days 2023


This 8-hour skills review and competency verification session will assist the ICU/PVCS RN in completing required yearly competencies as well as Adult and Pediatric skills review. Content will be delivered via combination of lecture, simulation, and online didactic.

Contact Hours


Special Comments

Requires competency verification for completion of the course.

Target Audience

CRNs in the ICU or PVCS, OCC Service (Priority), however other CRNs within CCND and associated institutes will be considered on case-by-case basis.

Course Objectives

1. Pediatric care including genetics infants, peds code blue simulation and CAPD 2. Adult code blue simulation including TCP, TVP and Lucas 3. Soft wrist restraint simulation and review 4. Pressure Injury Prevention 5. Blakemore tube LIP assistance and set-up 6. CLABSI prevention 7. ABCDEF bundle review include SAT, SAT/SBT coordination, CAM-ICU, iCAN and TOF simulation.


Participants should be CRNs in the PVCS or Critical Care Specialty Area. Approval from Nurse Manager is required for this course. Please contact Susan Smith susan.smith@nih.gov if you have questions.

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