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Class Information for Code Blue New Trainer Course


This 3 hour workshop prepares nurses to teach and evaluate staff competence for Clinical Emergency Response - Code Blue.

Contact Hours


Target Audience

Nurses committed to assisting other staff members in learning and developing competency in Clinical Emergency Response - Code Blue.

Course Objectives

1) Identify the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete Clinical Emergency Response training and re/validation of staff at the unit level. 2) Explore training methods for promoting skill development, critical thinking, and evaluation of response to a clinical competency. 3) Become familiar with available Code Blue Trainer resources for training and re/validation: Code Blue Instructor Manual, Intranet Resources, and Online Virtual Community. 4) Identify requirements for Code Blue Trainers.


CPR certification Clinical Emergency Response Competency Nurse Manager recommendation

Sessions Open for Registration

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CBNT3 November 14, 2023 (8 am - 11 am) Hybrid Tue Nov 14, 23 08:00 AM
NIH Clinical Center:Skills Lab Room (CRC -1-5672)
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11/10/2023 09:59 AM
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