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Class Information for Intermediate Genetics & Genomics


This two-day educational program is designed for nurses working as Clinical Research Nurses and Research Nurse Coordinators at the NIH Clinical Center. The program will serve as an introduction to the application of fundamental genetics and genomic concepts in the community of health care and clinical research settings.

Contact Hours


Target Audience

This course is recommended for all nurses interested in learning more about genetics and genomics in nursing.

Course Objectives

1. Describe advanced terminology and concepts related to genetics and genomics. 2. Describe two ways in which genomics can be integrated into nursing practice. 3. Discuss how genetic testing and genetic consultation can be used to assist in planning individualized health care. 4. Discuss, in general terms, the evolution of genomic research and future directions. 5. Discuss how genetics and genomics is being incorporated into research at the NIH Clinical Center.


Introduction to Genetics and Genomics course or by approval from the course coordinator (Jennifer Jabara).

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