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Class Information for IV Blood Workshop


This one-day workshop provides information on intravenous therapy, venipuncture, venous access devices (VADs), a review of lab processing, and blood administration.

Contact Hours


Target Audience

Clinical research nurses who are drawing blood, caring for venous access devices, or administering blood products. Patient care technicians who are drawing blood.

Course Objectives

Following attendance of the IV/Blood Workshop, the participant will be able to: • Describe the rationale for vein selection and site preparation for a venipuncture, to obtain blood. specimens, initiate intravenous therapy or start a saline lock • Identify resources to assist with the blood collection and transmittal process. • Differentiate between the various types of equipment used to obtain blood specimens and initiate intravenous therapy or a saline lock. • Describe the nursing management of a patient receiving intravenous therapy. • Differentiate between the types and locations of central venous access devices. • Describe the nursing management for intravenous therapy complications. • Describe the indications for transfusing whole blood, packed red blood cells, plasma, and cryoprecipitate. • Describe the nursing management of the patient receiving blood components. • Identify the steps for administration of blood components. • Compare and contrast acute and delayed transfusion reactions. • Describe the nursing management of an acute and delayed transfusion reaction.

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