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Class Information for ONS NEW PROVIDERS Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy Certificate Course and Bridge to Practice


The online Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Certificate Program provides nurses with a comprehensive overview of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. The in-person Bridge to Practice sessions review NIH specific policies and procedures related to chemotherapy/immunotherapy administration at NIH. The ONS Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy Certificate is obtained after successful completion of the course including a course exam. An 80% or higher must be achieved on the exam before an RN can receive the certificate. The provider card is valid for two years. The Clinical Center Nursing Department (CCND) program of care competency for chemotherapy and biotherapy requires successful completion of a chemotherapy course including an examination and clinical practicum (to be completed on the patient care unit) prior to administering chemotherapy or biotherapy.

This course is reserved for Clinical Center Nursing Department RNs administering chemotherapy or immunotherapy at NIH.

Contact Hours

16.3 contact hours

Special Comments

To be successful in the course, RNs need to attend the entire 8 hour session on Day 1. RNs will need an additional 16 hours of time to complete the course. As of May 2020: Participants should plan to work remotely on this course and ensure telework agreements are in place with their Nurse Manager. Participants should expect to receive a course reminder with instructions for the class day at least 1 week prior to the course. It will include: - A voucher code for the ONS/ONCC Portion of the course - Instructions for accessing ABSORB, where they will find instructions for redeeming the voucher with ONS (you will be automatically enrolled in the ABSORB portion of the course at this time) - Instructions for completing modules in ABSORB for the CCND Bridge-to-Practice, the portion of the course which reviews application of new knowledge in our setting as well as updates to CCND policies, procedures, and standards of practice - Time management tips during the class day for completing the ONS/ONCC Chemo/Immunotherapy Course on ONSs website - Information about access to a 1 hour LIVE (synchronous) discussion via WEBEX on Day 1(an outlook invite with meeting code will be sent in outlook the same day the course reminder is sent)

Target Audience

Clinical Center Nursing Department RNs administering chemotherapeutic/biologic agents to patients with an oncology diagnosis.

Course Objectives

1. Discuss commonly used agents, their mechanisms of action, and any unique administration issues.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of safety precautions for handling and administering chemotherapeutic and biologic agents.

3. Discuss immediate complications of cancer therapy, extravasation, and hypersensitivity reactions plus the nursing measures required to prevent or reduce these complications.

4. Identify evidence-based resources to address systemic side effects of cytotoxic and biotherapeutic agents and the nursing interventions required to manage these complications.


1. Have the goal of obtaining the Clinical Center Nursing Department "Chemotherapy and Biotherapy" competency for oncology patients. 2. Have practiced in the Clinical Center for at least 6 months. 3. Have taken the Clinical Center Nursing Department's (CCND) Oncology Education Series: ONS online "Cancer Basics", "Oncologic Emergencies," and "Concepts, Trends, and Care." 4. Hold a current CCND "Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs" competency.

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