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Class Information for Topics in Neuroscience Nursing


This is an interactive Neuroanatomy and Assessment course presented in 3-D. The course will help healthcare professionals improve patient care and also outcomes for patients diagnosed with a neurological injury. The tradition of teaching with a 2-D book limits information exchange. This course uses dynamic 3D software developed from a cadaver. An electronic scalpel provides the learner with the opportunity to visualize normal neuroanatomy in multiple planes. This information is paired with traditional (e.g., powerpoint) presentation and a unique interactive lecture style to help learners apply their bedside experiences to solidify their assessment skills while incorporating concepts central to functional neuroanatomy.

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Special Comments

Engagement Strategies: 3-D animation Active participation Neuroanatomy coloring book Question & answers

Target Audience

Nursing and healthcare working in all specialties who wish to expand their neuroanatomy and neuro-assessment comprehension.

Course Objectives

1. Discuss the primary characteristics and clinical correlates for each of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. 2. Discuss and differentiate the primary forms of aphasia as they relate to neurocritically ill patients 3. Discuss the relationship between nomenclature and neuroanatomy. 4. List the primary structures in the central nervous system, identify key their location and discuss the clinical relevance of each structure. 5. Explain how a comprehensive understanding of neuroanatomy can be used to improve clinical practice

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