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Class Information for 2019 Neurology Nursing Education Day


2019 Neurology Nursing Education Day is an annual required neuroscience education day. This year's focus is Epilepsy management for the Epilepsy protocol patients. As well as the start of Epilepsy 2.0 as part of the Neuroscience Nursing Education Series. Additional focus will be on the management of the Neurosurgical patient, neuro assessment, neurological emergencies, endocrine, neuro-endocrine, safe patient handling with a gait belt, and EEG monitoring led by our subject matter experts.

Contact Hours


Target Audience

7SWN nursing staff and all who care for the neurological patient population

Course Objectives

1.Explain the homeostasis and positive negative feedback mechanism required for diabetic patients. 2.Identify the three hallmarks symptoms for Diabetes Insipidus (DI), Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone (SIADH), and Cerebral Salt Wasting (CSW). 3.Describe the importance of the neurological assessment and identifiable red flags commonly seen with neurological complications. 4.Practice evidence base decision making neurological nursing management for patients commonly seen. 5.Describe the importance of the recognition of semiology with epilepsy monitoring. 6.Discuss and demonstrate best practices when caring for epilepsy monitoring patients. 7.Recognize common electroencephalogram (EEG) patterns seen with EEG bedside monitoring patients when recording electrical activity of the brain. 8.Identify evidenced based safety requirements when caring and managing a patient admitted for epilepsy monitoring. 9.Describe and demonstrate gait belt utilizing safe handling mobility practices with neurological patients.

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