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Class Information for SPHM Pilot Training: Session 1


SPHM Pilot Training Session 1 will provide in-person instruction on the following topics: SLIPPĀ® The Patient Mover, Gait Belts, and Body Mechanics. Participants will also need to register for a section of Session 2 and 3.

Contact Hours


Special Comments

Locations: 3.19.19 & 3.21.19 Will Be held on 7SWN in the EEG Prep Room 7-3686. 3.22.19 Education and Training Room 1-5672

Target Audience

RNs and PCTs on 5SE and 7SW

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to safely utilize the SLIPPĀ® and Gait Belts in the Clinical Center. Participants will also incorporate proper body mechanics during patient handling tasks.


Completion of assigned pre-pilot staff perception survey in the Absorb LMS

No Sessions are currently open for registration for this class

This class has no upcoming registrations at this time