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Class Information for End User Inpatient Omnicell Training


This one-hour in person training will cover the following features: control substance dispenser, removing patient specific medications, returning a multi-use patient specific medication, transferring a patient specific medication, & removing kits

Contact Hours


Special Comments

This 1-hour end-user training will be held in 3-1472 (3NE patient care room)

Target Audience

Inpatient staff nurses

Course Objectives

Inpatient staff nurses will identify the following key features associated with the new Omnicell cabinets: Control Substance Dispenser, Removing patient specific medications, Returning a multi-use patient specific medication, Transferring a patient specific medication, and Removing kits


The following three LMS Modules are pre-requisites to the in-person training: Omnicell Singlepointe, Omnicell Patient Care in a Profiled Environment, Omnicell Flexlock

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