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Class Information for IV/Blood Workshop


This one day workshop provides information on intravenous therapy, venipuncture, venous access devices (VADs), and blood administration, as well as opportunity for some hands-on skills practice. Prior to attendance, the participant prepares by completing the required CRN or PCT Pre-Workshop Activity.

Contact Hours


Special Comments

Prior to attendance, the participant is required to complete the Pre-Workshop Activity. Information, along with the CRN or PCT Pre-Study Worksheet, is accessible on the Nursing Intranet IV/Blood Workshop website: http://intranet.cc.nih.gov/nursing/training/IV_Blood/IV_Blood_Therapy.html

Target Audience

• Clinical research nurses who are drawing blood, caring for venous access devices, or administering blood products. • Patient care technicians who are drawing blood.

Course Objectives

Following attendance of the IV/Blood Workshop, the participant will be able to: • Describe the rationale for vein selection and site preparation for a venipuncture, to obtain blood. specimens, initiate intravenous therapy or start a saline lock • Identify resources to assist with the blood collection and transmittal process. • Differentiate between the various types of equipment used to obtain blood specimens and initiate intravenous therapy or a saline lock. • Describe the nursing management of a patient receiving intravenous therapy. • Differentiate between the types and locations of central venous access devices. • Describe the nursing management for intravenous therapy complications. • Describe the indications for transfusing whole blood, packed red blood cells, plasma, and cryoprecipitate. • Describe the nursing management of the patient receiving blood components. • Identify the steps for administration of blood components. • Compare and contrast acute and delayed transfusion reactions. • Describe the nursing management of an acute and delayed transfusion reaction.

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