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Class Information for 2019 Patient Call System Training


This two-hour class will introduce the new patient call system being implemented in the Clinical Center. Contract instructors from our vendor will review the hardware design, software application, and functionality of the call system.

Special Comments

Training sessions will be held in the 1NW Large Conference Room (1-2741). Please utilize the Admissions Corridor to reach the back entryway of 1NW where the conference room is found, do not use the Pediatric inpatient unit as a cut through.
Educational handouts will be provided at the training session.
For additional questions or information, please contact Melanie Mudd: Melanie.Mudd@nih.gov or at 301-827-4755.

Target Audience

CCND staff, Respiratory Therapy, EVS (please see code next to each training session entry to identify specific target audience).

Course Objectives

The participant will be able to:
-Describe the corridor lights and what the different lights represent
- Describe call priorities and call processes
- Understand how wireless phones integrate with patient call system and how to use the phone
- Describe how RTLS integrates with the Patient Call system
- Demonstrate use of Responder 5 Software Applications (My Profile, Bed Assignments), as applicable for patient area
- Understand the function of PC Console

Sessions Open for Registration

Code Title Type Schedule Coordinator Status Open Slots Sign Up!  
Inpatient/Day Hospital January 2, 2019 0400-0600 In-person Wed Jan 02, 19 04:00 AM
NIH Clinical Center:CRC 1-2741
N/A Registration Open until
12/31/2021 03:06 PM
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