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Class Information for ONS NEW PROVIDERS Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy Certificate Course and Bridge to Practice


The online Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Certificate Program provides nurses with a comprehensive overview of chemotherapy and immunotherapy. The in-person Bridge to Practice sessions review NIH specific policies and procedures related to chemotherapy/biotherapy administration at NIH. The ONS Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy Certificate is obtained after successful completion of the course including a course exam. An 80% or higher must be achieved on the exam before an RN can receive the certificate. The provider card is valid for two years. The Clinical Center Nursing Department (CCND) program of care competency for chemotherapy and biotherapy requires successful completion of a chemotherapy course including an examination and clinical practicum (to be completed on the patient care unit) prior to administering chemotherapy or biotherapy.

This course is reserved for Clinical Center Nursing Department RN's administering chemotherapy or biotherapy at NIH.

Contact Hours

16 contact hours

Special Comments

To be sure that you get the most out of your in-person ONS New Provider Class, we have developed some pre-class work. This pre-study will assist you in becoming familiar with some of the topics covered in the class. You will have an enhanced understanding of the material covered in class by your active participation in the pre-work. It will assure that you are able to join in demonstrations and discussion during class. To be successful in the course, RN's are required to attend ALL 4 of the computer sessions. Each session will provide participants time to work on their online course modules and allow time to discuss questions or concerns with a chemotherapy/biotherapy expert.

Target Audience

Clinical Center Nursing Department RN's administering chemotherapeutic/biologic agents to patients with an oncology diagnosis.

Course Objectives

1. Discuss commonly used agents, their mechanisms of action, and any unique administration issues.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of safety precautions for handling and administering chemotherapeutic and biologic agents.

3. Discuss immediate complications of cancer therapy, extravasation, and hypersensitivity reactions plus the nursing measures required to prevent or reduce these complications.

4. Identify evidence-based resources to address systemic side effects of cytotoxic and biotherapeutic agents and the nursing interventions required to manage these complications.


1. Have the goal of obtaining the Clinical Center Nursing Department "Chemotherapy and Biotherapy" competency for oncology patients. 2. Have practiced in the Clinical Center for at least 6 months. 3. Have taken the Clinical Center Nursing Department's (CCND) Oncology Education Series: "Introduction to Oncologyā€¯ and "Concepts, Trends, and Care." 4. Hold a current CCND "Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs" competency. 5. Complete the Pre-Class Work prior to attending the first class. It will be emailed to you approximately 1 month prior to the class.

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