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Class Information for ONS RENEWAL Chemo/Immunotherapy Certificate Course and Bridge to Practice


This renewal course is designed specifically for nurses who have taken the online Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) Chemotherapy/Immunotherapy Certificate course and who have a valid provider card.

The ONS Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Renewal course will guide you through four strategically planned case studies to ensure that your chemotherapy and immunotherapy knowledge stays current. The Bridge to Practice session will reinforce material from the online course and review NIH policies and procedures related to chemotherapy and biotherapy administration to oncology patients at NIH.

This course is reserved for Clinical Center Nursing Department RN's administering chemotherapy or biotherapy at NIH.

Contact Hours

5.4 contact hours

Special Comments

To be successful in the course, RN's need to attend the entire 8 hour session. The session will provide participants with time to work on their online modules and to discuss recent changes to the NIH chemotherapy/biotherapy administration policies and procedures.

Target Audience

Clinical Center Nursing Department RN's administering chemotherapeutic/biologic agents to patients with an oncology diagnosis AND possessing a valid ONS provider card.

Course Objectives

1. Explain what related dose intensity is and its role in cancer treatment.

2. Calculate an ANC and interpret the ANC results for next steps.

3. Discuss risk factors, prevention, assessment and evidence-based interventions for common chemotherapy toxicities (i.e. myelosuppression, cardiotoxicity, mucositis, peripheral neuropathy, and nausea/vomiting).

4. Calculate routine chemotherapy dosages using appropriate dosing principles.

5. List PPE required for hazardous drug administration per the Clinical Center Nursing Department (CCND) hazardous drug policy.

6. Summarize important patient teaching points for their protections against exposure to hazardous drugs.

7. Discuss what cumulative dose is and the nurse's role in monitoring the cumulative dose.


1. Have the goal of maintaining the CCND "Chemotherapy and Biotherapy" competency for oncology patients.

2. Hold a current, valid CCND "Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs" competency.

3. Have completed the CCND Oncology Education Series: "Introduction to Oncology."

4. Have completed the CCND Oncology Education Series; "Concepts, Trends, and Care."

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