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Class Information for Hemodynamic Bootcamp


This 8 hour didactic and skills review session will teach and reinforce concepts of hemodynamic and ventilatory management for the ICU and PVCS RN.Content will be delivered via combination of lecture, simulation, and online didactic.

Contact Hours

Contact hours may be available for some online coursework provided by third party vendors. For more information regarding contact hours for this offering, please call Cecelia Henry, Nurse Educator at (301) 451-1164. This activity has no commercial support or sponsorship. Planner, presenters and content reviewers disclose no conflict of interest relative to this educational activity.

Special Comments


Target Audience

CRNs in the ICU, PVCS, and OCC Service (Priority); however other CRNs within CCND and associated institutes will be considered on case-by-case basis.

Course Objectives

1. Review and describe physiology of major body systems as it relates to hemodynamic management 2. Develop and demonstrate basic understanding of hemodynamic monitoring and management. 3. Review pulmonary function and ventilatory modes as they relate to hemodynamic management.


Participants should be CRNs in ICU or PVCS. Other participants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Approval from Nurse Manager is required for this course. Please contact Cecelia Henry cecelia.henry@nih.gov if you have questions.

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